Chronicles of Troy

No this is not about a new movie sequel  to the 2004 Movie Troy, nor is it a story of Greek Gods battling for supremacy over an ancient kingdom. This story instead portrays what has been a shaky career, or lack there of for Arizona Cardinals Tight End Troy Nikklas. Troy is entering his fourth season with the Cardinals Franchise, and the former second round draft choice is looking to avenge what has been a roller coaster ride filled with injuries thus far in a young tenure in the league.
With his 6’7,” 270 lbs. frame, Nikklas may very well have the physique of a Greek God. After all, that is why the Cardinals took him in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft, for his size; like an offensive lineman, yet more mobile. But the Cardinals did draft him to carry around a giant sword and shield to swing around all over the football field, instead, Arizona drafted him for his ability to block well at the Tight End position.
It just hasn’t worked out so well as of late though, given that in just Troy’s rookie season, before he could even step foot out onto the gridiron, suffered a hernia. Then broke a finger while getting it caught in another players jersey before he could even partake in his first training camp. Later that season, after just seven games, Troy suffered a season ending ankle injury that carried over with him into his second season. It was the lingering ankle, fallowed up with a bad hamstring that hindered any chance at success, though he still appeared in all 16 games. Then came the 2016 season where Troy only appeared in three games. It was yet another season in which Nikklas had suffered another season ending injury, this time to his wrist. All in all, Troy has only caught 8 passes in his injury-rattled career thus far.
This guy is a bust you might say. Well his head coach Bruce Arians doesn’t think so. Other coaches have said how impressive he is, a special talent in fact when he’s on the field. Unfortunately for Nikklas, it’s just been a matter of when he’s on the field.
That said, the freakishly athletic, baby faced specimen Troy, is looking to turn over a new leaf by accepting accountability for his injuries.
“I like to try and take ownership of it,” Nikklas said. “That’s the only way I can overcome it for myself. All the injuries, all the time spent off the field, regardless of how you look at it, it’s on me. I’m not doing my job. That’s the way I look at it and that’s the only way I feel I can grow from it is taking steps to improve from there.” Credit Darren Urban of
In the end, Troy Nikklas is not a Greek God, but he is looking to take better care of himself in an effort to go out and fight the battle while blocking opposing NFL defenses, and just being that special Tight End that coach Bruce Arians knows he can be.


Author: daddyflash79

I basically became a writer to try and give more insight on a wide range of situations. Since joining Facebook especially, I have discovered that many people, including myself will post things that may cause a huge uproar, and/or debate. And since we are all entitled to our own opinions, I decided to write my own in a form of a strory. I love telling stories.

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